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The Info Service is a fee-based, electronic subscription for select areas of the Federal Gazette. You select which publications you would like to receive from the Federal Gazette, and we deliver these to you by email on an up-to-date basis or as a link for download.

For an added charge, you can refine your Info Service by company name and location, as well as by postal code and Federal state. You receive only those publications that meet your personal Info Service profile, so that the information important to you can be separated out more quickly.

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In order to be kept up to date about news concerning the Federal Gazette, the Publication Platform, and the Company Register, you can subscribe to a free newsletter.

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Our service number: 0 800 – 1 23 43 39Mon – Fri, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, free of charge from a German landline

From outside Germany:+49 221 – 9 76 68-0fees apply

In case of problems valuable information can be found in the area of Questions & Answers.