Information about the electronic signature

Information about the electronic signature

Using the qualified electronic signature it can be verified whether the retrieved document actually comes from the Federal Gazette publishing house and is unchanged.

For technical questions concerning the electronic signature, please send an email to or to the contacts listed at

1. Verification of the signature

If the electronic signature has not been verified, a corresponding warning notice may appear when opening a PDF file. If you do not wish to verify the signature, ignore the warning notice.
You can read, print, and store the PDF file as usual.
Verification of the electronic signature through Acrobat Reader is not possible. Also, do not use the integrated signature function in Acrobat Reader for verification.

The signature can be verified only using special software, which is provided by various companies on the Internet as a free download under the name “Signature Reader”. In addition, there are a number of suppliers on the Internet that verify signatures online (i.e. without installing software) at no charge.

In order to verify the signature, the relevant PDF file must be stored on your computer.

2. Errors when verifying a signature

If errors occur when verifying a signature that are attributable to the employed “Signature Reader”, please contact the corresponding software manufacturer.