Here you may find an overview of the contents in the different sections of the Federal Gazette:

Official Section

Official Section
In the Official Section of the Federal Gazette, you can find announcements, notices and invitations to tender of the Federal Government as well as notices of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette).

Non-official section
In the non-official section of the Federal Gazette you will find institutional publications such as regulations and standards.

Court Section

In this section, you can find

  • Bids of persons in real estate and probate matters
  • Bids for deeds
  • Judgments of exclusion, declarations of invalidity and other decisions
  • summonses
  • the register of actions under the Capital Investor Model Proceedings Act (KapMuG)
  • bankruptcies, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • public notifications
  • the register of anonymous and pseudonymous works
  • the Restructuring Forum
  • criminal cases
  • Miscellaneous
Company Announcements

In this section you will find the Shareholders' Forum and notices under company law of

  • stock corporations (AG)
  • foreign companies
  • cooperatives (eG)
  • companies limited by shares (GmbH)
  • partnerships limited by shares (KGaA)
  • general partnerships and limited partnerships (OHG, KG)
  • Mutual insurance companies (VVaG)
Accounting / Financial Reports

In this section you will find the following accounting documents and company reports, for financial years beginning before 01.01.2022:

  • Annual financial statements (including individual, consolidated and activity financial statements, annual and annual financial reports as well as liquidation opening and closing balance sheets)
  • Documents according to §§ 264, par. 3, 264b HGB
  • Half-yearly financial reports, quarterly financial reports and interim reports
  • Payment reports
  • Separate non-financial reports
  • Announcements of errors
  • Filing announcements (for financial years beginning before 01.01.2006)
  • Notes and notices
  • Miscellaneous

In addition, you will find the following accounting documents irrespective of the financial year period:

  • Accounting documents of health insurance funds and associations of SHI-accredited physicians according to SGB V
Capital Market

In this section you will find capital market information and reports on or about

  • Share prices
  • Tax bases
  • Directors' dealings
  • Fund prices
  • Home state
  • Information according to the Solvency Regulation
  • Insider information
  • Net asset values
  • Investment assets
  • Short sales
  • Disclosures according to VO (EU) 575/2013, VO (EU) 2019/2033
  • Disclosures of voting rights
  • Asset investments
  • Securities
  • Acquisition and takeover of securities
Miscellaneous Announcements

In this section, you can find

  • Tenders
  • Reports according to German law [DSA, DDG, NetzDG]
  • Insurance associations
  • Health insurance fund (Statutory-, Company- and Guild-cash insurance fund)
  • Associations and federations
  • Collecting societies
  • Miscellaneous


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